Agayon at the Hospital 🏥

Today, I was lucky to be invited in the school of the Hospital Mont Légia in Liège. It was an afternoon session following their science course to present the Agayon to children and teenagers (~6 to 16 years old). They follow their schooling while being hospitalized. I was contacted by a friend of a friend who works there as a physics teacher. He likes to organize interactive sessions with the children to ease their day. It mainly teaches to the older ones but the youngest were quite happy to discover it too.

Equipment and setup

I brought the Agayon, R1D1, my other small robot, the wireless PS4 controller,some material and additional batteries.


The day before, I made sure I could connect to the robot through SSH using the WiFi of my phone as a tethering hotspot. I would not be able to have another internet connection. Fortunately, the webcam streaming and web connection works well with my Fairphone 3.


The animation

I started with a small presentation available online (in french) and question/answer with the children.

Class Window

After that, the children played with the Agayon using the remote or the autonomous mode. They also used some awesome accessories. Doll

I was super happy with the result, the interactions and to see that I made the day of some of them 😁.