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  1. Écouter des Podcasts MP3 en voiture

    Pendant mes trajets en voiture, j'aime écouter des podcasts. Ma voiture supporte la connection Bluetooth avec un téléphone mais pour diverses raisons, je préfère utiliser une bonne vieille clé USB. Je récupère les épisodes à l'aide de l'application GNOME Podcast qui récupère les flux RSS/Atom.

    Les scripts ci-dessous me permettent d'écouter La semaine des 5 heures pendant des heures, étant donné qu'ils sont passés à une formule quotidienne. J'écoute également d'excellents podcasts de France Inter: Blockbusters et La Science, CQFD sur France Culture.


    Il y a quelques mois, le site Auvio de la RTBF a changé et les liens des podcasts n'étaient plus autant mis en avant. Je suis nénmoins tombé sur ce forum qui m'a aidé à trouver la solution:

    Le nom du programme en toutes lettres est remplacé par des chiffres, identiques au code d'Auvio, la plateforme de Replay/Podcast de la RTBF.

    Ainsi, la semaine de 5h, l'émission cinéma dont l'identifiant 1451 voit ses addresses évoluer comme ceci:

    • AUVIO https://auvio.rtbf.be/emission/la-semaine-des-5-heures-1451
    • Podcast http://rss.rtbf.be/media/rss/audio/1451.xml

    Scripts de conversion et renommage

    Par ailleurs, ma voiture ne sait pas lire les fichiers m2a récupérés par l'application. Je les convertis à l'aide de FFMPEG afin de les lire. J'utilise les scripts ci-dessous pour lire le tout.

    Le premier converti les fichiers en mp3 et le second les renommes en fonction de la date de l'épisode.

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  2. Fail2Ban analysis

    Published: Wed 05 December 2018
    Updated: Wed 05 December 2018 By Arnaud In Misc. tags: python

    Running a server on the internet is quite an adventure but it's not always easy to keep track of log files, security and potential threads. This article describes some actions carried out on this server to mitigate script kiddies.

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  3. Upgrading to Odoo 12

    Published: Thu 08 November 2018
    Updated: Sat 23 February 2019 By Arnaud In Misc. tags: python odoo

    Odoo 12.0 is out since october. I am currently investigating the differences with previous versions to update the instance of the association Les Compagnons du CEP. A lot of changes have been made in a few years but the workflow stays about the same. This article describes my workflow, the backup policy, how a module was used and fixed to restore a missing feature. Finally, the changes in my custom product import function are presented.

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  4. 3615 MyLife

    This year, the holidays and city trip was the occasion to meet Damien Accorsi, founder of Algoo SAS and his team.

    This summer, I had the opportunity to meet Damien Accorsi in Moirans near Grenoble. He is the founder of Algoo SAS, a company that provides software development services and Tracim. Tracim is a collaborative software designed to allow people to share and work on various data and document types.

    Everything started from a post on LinuxFR. I stayed near Grenoble for a week in the beginning of July and therefore, I asked the community about nice activities to do in the region. Damien answered quite quickly and made some useful suggestions. We never talked before. He also suggested meeting in his startup in Moirans. I happily accepted and we have met in his quarter. We talked about his activities. If you speak French, I suggest his instructive posts in LinuxFR. We talked about our projects, we laugh and had a really good time. His employees are really nice and fun. When I left, I promised myself to make more IRL meetings in the future.

    Yet It was not the first time I visited a software developer. Two years ago, I have met Goffi from the Salut-à-Toi (SàT) project in Prague (Czech Republic). We had nice conversations and exchange about XMPP, the link between communication tools and politics, the struggle of developers to take part in open source project during free time, building a community with limited resources, etc. From this exchange started a nice collaboration on his tool. To this day, I write the PKGBUILD (packages) of SàT for Archlinux.

    I hope to meet other people during holidays and events like FOSDEM. It is nice to put a face on a nickname. Maybe next time it will be an inventor or an artist.

    In the meantime, if you go to Grenoble, according to Damien and myself, you should try:

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