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  1. Fail2Ban analysis

    Published: Wed 05 December 2018
    Updated: Wed 05 December 2018 By Arnaud In Misc. tags: python

    Running a server on the internet is quite an adventure but it's not always easy to keep track of log files, security and potential threads. This article describes some actions carried out on this server to mitigate script kiddies.

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  2. Upgrading to Odoo 12

    Published: Thu 08 November 2018
    Updated: Sat 23 February 2019 By Arnaud In Misc. tags: python odoo

    Odoo 12.0 is out since october. I am currently investigating the differences with previous versions to update the instance of the association Les Compagnons du CEP. A lot of changes have been made in a few years but the workflow stays about the same. This article describes my workflow, the backup policy, how a module was used and fixed to restore a missing feature. Finally, the changes in my custom product import function are presented.

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  3. Demo Website: Authentication with XMPP

    This article follow up the article about Authentication without password using XMPP on a Django website previously presented here. This article introduced the XMPP extension (XEP-0070) which allows one to connect on a website with his XMPP account, without additional password.

    Unfortunately, the XEP-0070 is not widely used but this article aims to present you my little contribution to change this situation.

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