Updates: chatty server and HTTPAuthentificationOverXMPP

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. It will be a short update post about two projects.


The first is chatty_server, a small XMPP bot I use to interact with my server. It allows me to get information about the CPU load, traffic, weather etc. It also has a small feature to get reminder messages. There was a bug that allowed anyone to spam reminders. Anybody can add the bot to their rooster and could create random reminders that I would get. I got none, so the bot must remain quite unheard-of.


The second project is HTTPAuthentificationOverXMPP, a component that I use to allow 2 Factor authentication with XMPP. The original project had not been updated for a long time and I wanted to try to modify it to rely on another XMPP go library. I have never coded in Go and it seemed like a nice introduction. I relied on go-xmpp where I added the support for XEP 0070. It was really interesting. The new component is running for several months and I am quite happy with it even if I don't have any serious project relying on it.

The https://demo.agayon.be/ website is still up if you want to test it.
I hope being able to provide more update about my projects in the future :-).