1. Authentication without password using XMPP on a Django website

    This article describes the authentication with XMPP on a Django powered website. When you authenticate on a website, the domain validate your identity before letting you access confidential information. They are several ways perform this validation and the use of passwords is the most popular. Another method is the use of a token generator i.e. a small device that generate a secret passphrase that you copy on a website. Today I will present you another authentication method without password using XMPP.

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  2. Chatty Server

    Chatty server is a XMPP bot programmed to run on a server. It can be used as a dynamic toto list; to provide the travel time by car, foot and public transport between two adresses; to give useful information about the load of the server and to give the status of the server. The status of the account change as a function of the load and memory usage.

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